'We intend to be a leading Institution in providing quality education and equal opportunities to heterogeneous student community from diverse backgrounds.'


'To offer holistic and interactive academic environment to the students from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to develop academic, interpersonal and technological skills and empower them to achieve their highest potential for adapting to the competitive global society.'



1) To pursue knowledge through referencing research, innovative thinking, and multi disciplinary approach.
2)To inculcate participation and work as a team while thinking independently and negotiating differential opinions.
3)To enhance the communicative abilities, honing problem solving skills, facilitating creative thinking and training the mind to critique.
4)To aim, aspire and live a life grounded in values.

5)To employ their intellectual intent and moral fibre to further the quest for universal values.

6) To secure, advance and uphold the values privileged by the community and society at large.

7)To foster the critical faculties through rigorous emphasis on ethics and rational temperament.

8) To strengthen the intellectual, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social aptitudes to be sensible and sensitive individuals capable of being aware and resisting exploitation.
9)To ensure students make for responsive and responsible citizenry.

10)The Reopening Day and Commencement addresses where students are oriented to follow the mission, rules and regulations of the college in letter and spirit. Orientation of students at the time of admission and at the Annual Inaugural Function of the College, during which not only the rights but responsibilities are emphasised.

11)Teachers as guides and facilitators, lead by example through empathy and devotion to duty, as role models, display qualities of punctuality, diligence, accountability and a sense of devotion.
12)Mandatory monitoring of students attendance for lectures tutorials and practicals of the college.

13)Emphasizing discipline in the classrooms and the campus.

14)Ensuring free and fair examination system, proper conduct of examination, by upholding the dignity and decorum of the system.
15) Propelling a hands-on approach in every curricular and co-curricular activity to exemplify dignity of labour.
16) Upholding the dignity of any kinds of work with actual participation of staff and students.

17 Organising various co-curricular activities.

18Adherence to the rules and regulations of the College by the staff and students.

19 Teaching through analogy, illustrations and demonstration to complete the syllabi. Proper teaching and coverage of the syllabi.
20) Encouraging teachers to update their knowledge and skills through attending and participation (Periodical Teachers Participation) in Orientation & Refresher Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and faculty Improvement Programmes.

21) Maintaining the college campus and encouraging the use of civil amenities in an orderly manner. Keeping the college and its premises neat and clean.
22) To nurse and fortify a sense of connection and allegiance to the college. Creating a sense of belonging and loyalty to the Alma Mater.


1) An extensive collection of over Three thousand reference books.

2) Good collection of Konkani and Marathi books.

3) The College subscribes to the N-List programme of INFLIBNET to providing free electronic resources to students especially those from SEM V & VI.
4) Book Bank facility with over Two thousand text books in all subjects to be given on loan basis.

5) Dedicated & Energetic staff ready to work beyond the official timings.

6) Internships after Sem V Goa University Examination at major companies in Goa.

7) Training in sales & marketing skills & organizing campus interviews.

8) Training in soft skills like personality development, time management, leadership etc.

9) Remedial classes in different subjects for needy students.

10) Mentoring of students by faculty.

11) Facility for counseling.

12) College receives all payments/fees through designated banks in order to provide students basic learning in practical banking.