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I]         Membership:

  1. The primary library members include Administrator, Faculty members, Students and administrative staff of the institute. Ex-Students may however avail the library facilities with prior approval from the Principal.
  2. Any user who is leaving the Institute shall return all the materials(books/CD/periodicals) borrowed from the library and pay over-due charges, if any, to get the NO DUES certificate.

II]       Borrowing / Loan Privileges:

           General Rules

  1. New additions to the library will be issued to the users only after complete processing is done.
  2. Issuing of books for vacations will be considered only on special requests and with prior permission from the Principal
  3. The Librarian can recall the books issued to the user at any time, if required.
  4. Users will be responsible for the materials borrowed from the library.Borrower will be charged for any loss, damage to the material(s), by way of mutilation and disfiguring of pages, by either asking for a replacement of the document(latest /same edition). In case of out of print documents, the member will have to pay an amount equal to the cost of document + processing fee.
  5. Users are requested to ensure that all the documents taken out of the library are properly issued.
  6. No two copies of the same book will be issued to a user.
  7. Reference material like encyclopedias , dictionaries, newspapers and other priced books are for reference only and cannot be issued.

            For Faculty Members

  1. Faculty members may borrow books, magazines(back-dated) and CD's for home reading and viewing purposes.
  2. The maximum number of library materials which can be issued.
    i.Textbooks = 7 ii.Magazines(back-dated) = 2  iii. CD's = 1
  3. Loan Period for books= End of Semester.
    Loan Period for CD's /Projects/Magazines = 7 days
  4. The details of the issued materials (also for classroom reference)are to be entered into the Staff Circulation Register in presence of the Librarian/ Library staff.

            For Students

           A. Library Books

  1. Students need to produce their library card in person while borrowing books and other materials from the library.
  2. The maximum number of books which can be issued = 2 (1 Book per library card)
  3. Loan Period for books = 7 days
  4. Renewal of issued books is restricted to only 1 time. However, books may not be renewed if there is demand from other users.
  5. Library cards are non-transferable.
  6. Library materials issued for photocopying/ xeroxing are to be returned within 24 hrs from the time of issue , failing which students will be liable to pay a fine.
  7. Overdue Charges= Rs. 5/- per day, Charges for Loss of Library Card= Rs. 50/- per card
  8. Refund of library deposits will be as mentioned in the prospectus.

           B. Book Bank Books

  1. Book Bank books will be issued only during the start of the semester and are to be returned at the end of the semester.
  2. No. 4 under General Rules will be applicable.
  3. An amount of Rs. 20 per book will be charged.

III]    The following will be treated as misconduct and they will be reported to the authorities

  1. Unauthorized removal of library materials.
  2. Mutilation and disfiguring of library materials.
  3. Non-response to the intimations of library for return of materials.
  4. Misbehavior with the library staff on duty.